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Running at the Beach

Weight Loss Starts Here


How do we maximize weight loss for you?

You get:

  • A full health consultation and lab workup

  • Counseling about your specific health issues, nutrition, exercise, caloric needs, and weight loss

  • Powerful medication for weight loss delivered to your home

  • Vitamin B12 injections delivered to your home

  • Counseling on how to make this a sustainable lifestyle change instead of yoyo dieting

  • Counseling on therapeutic lifestyle changes to reprogram your body for weight loss

  • It may include a hormone assessment, depending on your individual needs

  • Regular follow-up appointments and periodic labs reviewed 

Some of these medications have been compared to the effectiveness of bariatric surgery for weight loss.  Bariatric surgery has been able to put some people into remission for type II diabetes. Studies have shown it actually was the weight loss, not the bariatric surgery, that put the type II diabetes into remission.  As a result, leading health care practitioners feel these medications are game changers and will ultimately reduce the risks of cardiovascular events for clients in the future.

We Use
The Most Powerful
Weight Loss Medications Available

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